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They are many other water facilities such as the two and four-seater peddle boats, trampolines, floats, jet boat and much more for children as well. You'll never be out of things to do when you are at the Ultimate Fun Park .

At Splashmins Wetland Tours is just part of what you can do when there. You get a chance to experience the beautiful savannahs and wild life.
Splashmins Resort offers Eco Adventure Tours. This new Park is located across the Black water lake and is quite an outdoor experience.

Mingle with nature like never before as you experience our Eco Resort and become one with fauna and Flora, cook or just enjoy the best tropical fruits Guyana has to offer.
You can also relax in hammocks while there and if you dare stay overnight on the Camp Grounds, you never know who you may meet.

You‘ll find great fun in a game of cricket, football, basketball or even volleyball. They are many sporting equipment that can be rented at a minimum cost of five hundred dollars. You can bring your friends, family or play mates for a friendly game. You can even play a game of pools or table tennis.

The Fun Park is equipped with service oriented staff that are prompt, reliable and courteous in serving foods and drinks which are available throughout the week. At the Fun Park there is a variety of dishes suitable for vegetarians as well. Our Bar is stocked with local and foreign beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. And maybe you are wondering about price, we guarantee you that our prices for food and drinks are the same as a regular bar anywhere in the city.

One of the features of the fun park is the well stocked beach shop that provides for the needs you may have while at the Park. There is an array of colorful swimsuits and wraps, snacks for the kids, Ice Cream to cool you down on that hot day, straw hats, shades and much more.

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They are adequate parking facilities for over some two thousand vehicles. Parking on a regular day is free however on event days a small fee may be attached to parking. The parking facility is safe and secure.

Your safety is our prime concern. That's why we have life guards on site 24/7 as well as external and internal security. Transportation is always available for any causality at the Fun Park as we care about our patrons. They are also secured parking lots available for members and regular patrons. We have signs posted across the Fun Park that reminds you of what you can and can't do and remember these signs were designed with your safety in mind.


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